- Step After An Accident -

1. Immediately After The Accident

  • Move to a safe location if your car is creating a safety hazard or obstructing traffic
  • Determine if there are any injuries
  • Call 911 immediately to report the accident and get help to the scene, if needed
  • Call your insurance company and get a claim number
  • Get your vehicle towed to Scotty's Body Shop. You can use any tow service you like. Here are some on Yelp. Tell the tow company to bill the tow to Scotty's Body Shop and we will bill your insurance company for the tow once we get your claim number.
  • Your insurance company may point you to a body shop they have a repair contract with, however, state law mandates that you have the right to chose the shop you like best.


2. Gather Information

  • Be courteous and polite, but do not admit fault
  • Take the names and car insurance information of any drivers involved
  • Get names and contact information for any witnesses

3. Document The Accident

  • Safely take pictures of:
    • License plates of involved vehicles
    • Damage to your vehicle
    • Damage to other vehicles
    • Damage to property other than vehicles
    • Objects at the scene, including accident debris, skid marks, fallen branches, etc
    • Street signs or other landmarks to identify the accident location
    • Any contributing factors to the accident, such as obscured traffic signs
  • Write down or record on your phone:
    • Time and date
    • Weather and traffic conditions
    • Description of the accident
    • Description of injuries and damage


4. After The Accident

  • Get a copy of any accident reports or incidents reports filed by the police and other drivers to assist in settling your claim
  • Follow instructions from your auto insurance agent and get a claim number

5. Let Scotty's Body Shop Take Care Of The Rest




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"I only trust the professionals at scotty's to do all my custom work along with my collision needs these guys are awesome and always exceed my expextations."

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